The Vicar of Dibley Masterpost (Shhh, just go.)



One of the most hilarious British comedies ever, The Vicar of Dibley is about a female vicar (outrageous!) who’s assigned to be the new parish priest of small English village named Dibley.

It was created by Richard Curtis (Love Actually, Vincent and the Doctor), starred in by Dawn French (French and Saunders), and has a cracking guest appearance by Richard Armitage (The Hobbit, North and South) in the final two episodes. If you enjoy British comedy at all, giving this show a try will be the best thing you do all year.

Obviously, the very best thing would be to purchase the series. Sometimes, though, you have to give something a try before you commit to it.

So here you go! Watch and enjoy. And stay until the end of the credits.

Series One (1994 and 1996):
Ep1: The Arrival
Ep2: Songs of Praise
Ep3: Community Spirit
Ep4: The Window and the Weather
Ep5: Election
Ep6: Animals
Ep7: The Easter Bunny
Ep8: The Christmas Lunch Incident

Comic Relief Special (1997): Ballykissdible

Series Two (1997-1998):
Ep1: Engagement
Ep2: Dibley Live
Ep3: Celebrity Vicar
Ep4: Love and Marriage

Red Nose Day Special (1999): Celebrity Party

Series Three (1999-2000):
Ep1: Autumn
Ep2: Winter
Ep3: Spring
Ep4: Summer

Christmas Specials (2004 and 2005):
Merry Christmas
Happy New Year

Comic Relief Special (2005): Antiques Roadshow

A Holy Wholly Happy Ending (2006-2007):
Ep1: The Handsome Stranger
Ep2: The Vicar in White